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August 22, 2010

Best websites for students

Sometimes students ask me to prepare extra exercises and activities for them. The internet is a rich and powerful tool for English learning, you are just a click away from thousands and thousands of options: blogs like this one 😉 and websites related to education, videos and podcasts, teacher’s pages and university sites. It’s a pletoria of amazing and not-so-interesting alternatives, and you might be thinking: Which one is good/ Which of these is reliable?

Well, worry no more. Here are some sites I tend to visit periodically to prepare my lessons and to forward them to my own students. These pages are more than reliable and offer a myriad of solutions to your needs.

In my opinion, unarguably the best site for learners of English. Check out the grammar, vocabularu and pronunciation part, it’s great! You can also check out the everyday language bit of the site, where you can find different  topics in a “how to…” manner. For example, how to start a conversation, how to ask the time, etc.

Now, inside the podcast minisite at, you will find CNN student news, which is excellent if you’re looking for listening practice. The  other podcasts are brilliant for learning as well, and I recommend it to all my students, even if they’re not really advanced learners.

In case you’re thinking of studying in the UK  or sitting for the IELTS exam, the learning page of the British Council site is your best shot.

There are also exercises for learning, podcasts for students and other cool things to help you learn.

More links and fun stuff soon! Keep on learning and enjoy the ride!